The Ford F-150 is set to give Santa's sleigh a run for its money!

Well folks, the day after Christmas has come, and if you're like many people here in Syracuse, you're probably either still sleeping after a big turkey dinner, trawling for deals at the after-Christmas sales, or taking some time to reflect on your year before 2019 rolls around. Yes, today is a great day for reflection, a time to ask yourself questions like, "What did I do this year?", "What do I want to accomplish next year?" and "If Santa didn't use a sleigh, how would he deliver his presents?"

At Koerner Ford, we think the answer to that last one is pretty clear: The Ford F-150.

Sure, a bright red sleigh and a team of reindeer might be Old Saint Nick's preferred method of travel, but the Ford F-150 is sure to be a close second. Capable of towing up to 11,400 pounds when properly equipped, the Ford F-150 has plenty of pulling power to move all those toys…or any toys you might have bought for yourself this holiday season like boats and camping trailers. But even with its immense power, it's lightweight yet sturdy high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body ensures that you can leverage the full potential of your vehicle without losing driveability.

But even if you don't have any globe-trotting plans of delivering gifts next December 25th, we think you'll find plenty of used and utility with the new Ford F-150 in your daily life. Stop by Koerner Ford of Syracuse today to check out our new Ford F-150 models today and take a test drive.

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